Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'll Start Out With Style Tips

Made up Reporter: Brenna, what are your favorite beauty products? 

Brenna: I'm a very natural person. Since I'm only 10 I can't wear much makeup anyway....but I love lip smacker. I love all the smells. My favorite is strawberry kiwi. On a regular basis, all I do is put on deoderent and sometimes a little lip gloss. I pretty much never wear mascara or blush unless I'm performing in a recital where they make you put on makeup.....which I think is pretty funny because I'm used to hearing I can't. 

Made up Reporter: How do you usually wear your hair?

Brenna: Usually down. I don't like to fuss over my hair. I normally just comb it and rush off to school. I love curling hair though. We have these really cool rollers at home that work great on my hair.

Made up Reporter: Where do you like to shop?

Brenna: Oh geez.....where do I begin? I love limited too. The stuff there is really expensive it kinda sucks. But I love Wal-mart. My parents hate it but the stuff there is really cheap so I love it. I only get $5 a week so I love cheap places like Wal-mart and target.

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