Friday, April 17, 2009

New Answer Column!

In addition to my blogging, I am now going to start a thing called my answer column, where you can ask me questions (just leave your question in the comment box) about me, my family life, or anything else relevent to me or my blog, *ex. do you get along with your mom?* or *what's your favorite food?* and I will do my best to answer your questions. I will choose a few questions to answer in each of my answer posts, so probably I'll get to answer everyone's!! Thank you!

What it is like to be the oldest of four...and good points about all all positions in the family

As a lot of you guys probably know, I am the older sister of triplets. We are 6 years apart. I had a theory: I think there are good points to every position in the family, whether your the middle child, oldest, youngest, or even an only child. And of course there are bad points too. Check this out:

Oldest Child: The first, a.k.a uno child, a.k.a first born, a.k.a, well you get the picture I suppose.
Traits they usually have: Reliable, most responsible.
Good things about being the oldest: You get everything new (no hand-me downs) you get to do everything first, and your siblings look up to you, and your parents will always love you the longest.
Bad things: You feel major pressure to be the most responsible and your parents treat you like you are supposed to act more mature then your siblings and you have no feelings sometimes, like one day Vivian placed a blanket over her head and couldn't see where she was going and bumped right into me and it hurt like heck (if I do say so myself) and my dad was just like, "Oh she didn't mean it" in a very abrupt fashion and didn't even make her say sorry, like I didn't have feelings.  And I know that if I had done that to her, my dad would have rushed right over and comforted her and given her lots of attention, and have made me say sorry. *barf*

Middle Child: The second of three, a.k.a. the third of five, a.k.a the fourth of seven
Traits: Good peacemaker, etc.
Good things: You are the middle, and the middle of the oreo is the best, the middle of the bolanga sandwich is the best, and you have a mix of people you look up to, and people who look up to you.
Bad things: You tend to get the least attention: *for example, your parents are teaching your big sister to drive and she is getting lots attention because she just got her license, and everyone is gushing over how adorable your month old brother is*

Youngest child: The youngest, a.k.a last born
Traits: rebellious, messy, troublemaker
Good things: You learn from your older siblings mistakes, and you have older siblings to get advice from, and you get out of things a lot, and tend to get the most attention.
Bad things: You get all the hand me downs, do everything last, and teachers might compare you to your siblings.

Only Child: Only born a.k.a One child a.k.a no siblings
Traits: *simular to oldest child*
Good things: You don't have to share attention with your siblings and always get all the attention, never get hand me downs.
Bad things: You might be spoiled, and you might get lonely.

What's your position??

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

45 Things About Me

This is an inspiration from my dad-5o known facts about me.

1. My middle name Marideth is inspired by one of my mom's best friends, and my godmother.
2. I have brown hair
3. My most embarrassing moment was when I was in the 4th  grade....I was in musical rehearsal and flew off the pedestal *about three feet high* and landed right on my butt....on the hard stage. I cried.
4. My second most embarrassing moment was in the the summer before the 5th grade, my mom took me shopping for school clothes, and I was trying on a shirt in the dressing room. I said to my mom, "What do you think?" and she began laughing so loudly. I asked why and she said, "Brenna do you need a bra?" and chuckled. I was mortified, and later she did take me shopping!
5. My favorite drinks are Hi-C fruit punch and chocolate milk
6. My favorite food is cookie dough ice cream and chips and dip
7. I was born on May 14, 1998 at 5:18 P.M. in St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 9 pounds 7 ounces. 
8. I have two living biological grandmas, and one step grandma, and one biological grandpa, and one step grandpa (living).
9. I love eating the outsides of kiwis
10. I can do a perfect cartwheel
11. I am currently 5'1" tall and weigh 107 pounds
12. My role models are Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey, and my godmother.
13. My dad has nasty feet.
14.  I hate shopping....especially for shoes.
15. My parents are 30 years older then me
16. I need lip smacker!
17. My favorite song is "Put Your Records on" by Corrine Bailey
18. I hate dressing up
19. The guys I like best are the smartest
20. When I grow up, I want to be an actress like Miley Cyrus, and get married and have three children.
21. My favorite movie is "Steel Magnolias"
22. My favorite restaurant is Lucy's
23. My fave fast food is Rubio's.
24. I'm a computer geek
25, My favorite subject in school is Language (and my best)
26. I am 6 months older than my best friend.
27. I'm addicted to biking...I ride three and a half miles a day.
28. We have this yogurt place by out house that we're addicted to....we go there at least three times a week.
29. I have a youtube account
30. I love being the center of attention. I was a ham when I was little. I have tons of video tapes of me singing when I was like 4.
31. When I was five, my mom became pregnant with three babies, I remember going up to my kindergarten class and being all, "My mom just had three babies!!!" and they stared at me like that was the weirdest thing on the planet.
32. I had lots of friends in preschool. These are the ones I remember: Sarah, Olivia, Racheal, Margo, the other olivia.
33. I learned to read when I was three.
34. I have my own style. 
35. I am 10 years old currently.
37. My dad and I love to crack our toes.
38. My eyes are a very light blue.
40. I am a member of mileyworld, a special fan club for miley cyrus fans, and my dad pays for me.
41. I have a flip video camera.
42. I got my braces off three months ago.
43. I take showers every morning,
44. I am a very good tap dancer, I have been taken lessons for three years.
45. I am currently reading the Twilight series.