Sunday, November 30, 2008

Elf Yourself

In case you didn't know, office max and jib jab has opened elf yourself again! Every one was sending dancing elves with their faces to all their friends and it was so popular, that they released it again this year-even better! This year, you can upload up to five people (last year you could only upload three) and there's a choice of four dances, instead of only one. And the elves aren't as chubby this year :). It's very funny! Go there and send one to family members or friends and be elves!

"The latest gadgets"

I am a definite gadgets girl. Okay more like a lot! I love any kind of gadget, no matter how big or small, the more twinkly lights, the better. Let me tell you about the latest things in the word of "gadgets"
One of the latest crazes is the new Wii Fit.  You may have heard of Wii, but that's nothing compared to the Wii Fit. In Wii fit, you can do yoga, aerobics, and various exercises, just by playing a video game! Lose weight with the help of a video game! (I want this for Christmas)

Dad won't get me this, but there's a new "tween" phone that verizon wireless has come up with. The phone has calling, texting, a 1.3 mega pixel camera, bluetooth capability, and an mp3 player.

Want to see what you'd look like with different hair or makeup? Now you can! I don't know what the name is this instant....(I'll update this later) but it's a TV plug in game where you can see what you would look like with a different hairstyle and makeup. You take a picture of yourself with the built in digital camera and see possibly what you'd look like as a blond, or with pink mascara....

Want something to make long road trips fly by? Pottery Barn teen now has A DVD Player on sale for only $129.99. It has great sound and picture. Hurry! It won't be $129.99 for much longer and if you wait, it'll be 199.99!

I'll update this as more cool things come out. (by the way, only 2 more weeks until my braces come off)!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My orthodontics and dentistries (i don't care how you spell it)

Yesterday I got the best news ever! My braces come off in 8 weeks!!!!! Now I can finally have caramol apples and bubble gum again after almost a year of braces! yes yes yes yes!!!! Now when my friend sarah has braces ill chew gum in her ear just like she did to me! So there Sarah!!!!!
Oh and I had a dentist appointment last week. I have to use a special kind of toothpaste, (that tastes like tutti-frutti) and I have to use mouth wash because of a discoloration in my teeth. I wish my teeth were white. I wish with all my heart they were white. They better be soon. They better be soon!!!!

Hi Hi!!!!

Hi! I just wanted to blog about another embarrasing moment and share my favorite things. Recently, while shopping for shoes with my parents, my dad needed a sock to try on a shoe. He ended up having to wear my socks! They stretched to fit him, and he had stinky feet if i do say so myself!!! So anyway, I want to share my favorites. 

Full Name (first and middle): Brenna Marideth
Birthplace: St Louis, Missouri
Hair Color and style: straight, very thick brown hair
Eye Color: Green
Height: 4 feet 11 inches 
Enthincity: french, german , irish, caucasion
Favorite foods: Oreos, ramon noodles, ice cream, bubble gum
Favorite drink: Mountain dew
Favorite songs: "Last Name by Carrie Underwood" and "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey
TV Shows: Hannah Montana, Total Drama Island
Dream: to be a singer like my idol Demi Lovato!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Embarrasing Moments

Wow! I've had lots. One was last year when we were rehearsing for the school play. I had to stand on this really big box. It was wooden and about 2 feet tall. In the middle of a song, I accidently moved it and fell on my tailbone really hard. I was so embarrased. I tried to laugh it off, but it hurt so bad I started crying in front of everyone. I ran backstage!
And right before the school year started, I was clothes shopping at Kohl's at I was trying on a top. I asked my mom what she thought of the top and she said, "Oh my gosh Brenna do you need a bra?" I looked down. Sure enough, my nipples were showing through my top. I looked at my mom and we laughed our head off! I hope no one heard! 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My sleepover last night!!!

I had a sleep over last night with my friend Sarah! It was so fun! First we went home to her house. Then we saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua together and ate lots of popcorn! Then we went to hollywood video and rented the super-scary movie Prom Night, although we didn't get to watch it in the end because her grandma said it was inapropriate for us. Bummer. But we went to her bro's soccer game and went out to dinner after. Then we picked up her dad at the airport and played on the escalaters-so fun!! Then we snuggled up in bed! Pretty fun!!

I'll Start Out With Style Tips

Made up Reporter: Brenna, what are your favorite beauty products? 

Brenna: I'm a very natural person. Since I'm only 10 I can't wear much makeup anyway....but I love lip smacker. I love all the smells. My favorite is strawberry kiwi. On a regular basis, all I do is put on deoderent and sometimes a little lip gloss. I pretty much never wear mascara or blush unless I'm performing in a recital where they make you put on makeup.....which I think is pretty funny because I'm used to hearing I can't. 

Made up Reporter: How do you usually wear your hair?

Brenna: Usually down. I don't like to fuss over my hair. I normally just comb it and rush off to school. I love curling hair though. We have these really cool rollers at home that work great on my hair.

Made up Reporter: Where do you like to shop?

Brenna: Oh geez.....where do I begin? I love limited too. The stuff there is really expensive it kinda sucks. But I love Wal-mart. My parents hate it but the stuff there is really cheap so I love it. I only get $5 a week so I love cheap places like Wal-mart and target.